The Route To A Fulfilling Job A Bouncing Castle Operator-Attendant

Jason has always been great with kids and they absolutely adore him right back. In our small circle of friends, we always thought he would take a career path with something to do with kids, but, he instead became a mechanic, working with his dad in their family-owned auto- shop. That was until two years ago, when they had to close shop indefinitely due to bad business.
After a few weeks of fruitless job hunting he made the bold move to enrol in a training course for bouncing castle operators, attendants and operators. Today, he wakes up each morning excited to go to a job he loves.

His is an encouraging story for anyone looking to make a career move. The following is a highlight of what you can expect in the training that will prepare you professional service in the bouncing castle hire business.

Standard Syllabus
The first area of focus is in defining and clearly differentiating the various job titles such as operator and attendant. The syllabus content is more or less similar, although there will be sessions that are specific to each job title.
Next will be a comprehensive look at all the standards and regulations that govern the jumping castle hire business. These include all the qualification and training requirements to be met by every operator, attendant or supervisor.

Getting right down to it, you can expect some relevant training on safe handing, including procedures and standards to be observed in the storage and routine inspection of the bouncing castles and other hire inflatables. Instruction on setting up includes thorough training on outdoor set ups, for both grass/earth setting up as well as setting up on hard surfaces such as concrete. The training will also cover indoor set ups. Each of these has unique requirements and only with proper training can the setting up be successful and safe.

After set-up, the next item on the syllabus is always on the safe operation of the bouncing castles. What standards are to be observed during operation? What are the procedures to follow in the event of an emergency during operation? What is the role of an attendant and supervisor in safe operation? The instructor will go into more details on all this.
Lastly, the training course will cover the standards to be observed as you pull down the bouncing castles and pack them for delivery from site back to the warehouse. This is an area where most companies have continually neglected paying due attention to and have had to pay for it due to some of the inflatables getting damaged in the process.

Job Responsibilities
Jason works as an operator-cum-attendant and while his is always quite the busy day, it is very rewarding. After successful setting up, in your role as an attendant you will be expected to first and foremost ensure that you restrict entry to only the patrons that meet the stipulated age, height and weight standards. Before the kids can get into the inflatable, you will also have to ensure that they remove their shoes as well as empty their pockets of any sharp and hard objects that may deflate the bounce house upon contact.
Once the kids get playing, you will be required to keep an eye out to ensure that no-one is climbing on the walls dangerously or taking part in any other activity that may prove injurious to both self and others. All entry/exit points must be free of obstructions at all times.
Being a naturally passionate lover of kids predisposes you for a great career working with bouncing castle Hire Company. Receiving the proper training and getting certified will get you started on the right path to a great job that will have you surrounded by the smiley faces of excited kids all day every day.

Why Play Is No Longer Just An Option For Excellent Physical And Mental Health

When work, family, and other demands become overwhelming, stress tends to be lurking just around the corner and with it, a range of related problems. As a busy adult, most, if not all of these demands and commitments are inevitable, calling for an effective strategy to manage the stress.
Scheduling for some fun times is one sure-fire way to keep everything in balance and manage your stress levels for a happier and healthier you. More and more individuals are reserving their “alone time” for engagingly fun and exciting activities that can take their mind off of their daily concerns, even for a little while.

Playing on bouncing castles and other play inflatables such as obstacle course and Velcro walls among is becoming an increasingly popular choice for adults who are looking to have some fun. Scheduling to do these fun activities with company that you enjoy is more fulfilling and a perfect opportunity to reconnect with some friends. On days when you have conflicting schedules, being invitingly open and welcoming can help you meet and make the acquaintance of other adults on their play date.

Having fun and experiencing the joy and laughter that comes with active play will boost your self-esteem and greatly improve your social and mental well-being. That is to say that the benefits of this physical activity will be manifest in other aspects of your life. With a relaxed mind and replenished energy reserves, you will find yourself enthused about doing different things as well as better enjoying your relationships with others. The rewards of active play are quite far-reaching and will help you restore the balance in your life when the situations is seemingly hopeless and

Another crucial aspect to playing on bouncing castles is the physical benefits of the fun activity. While you may not have time to go to the gym, jumping up and down on bouncing castles and maneuvering your way through obstacle courses and bungee runs will definitely help you break a healthy sweat. Physical activity and exercise is a great way to reach your best mental and physical health. You can even look forward to shedding off a few pounds with regular and consistent play dates.
In a time where it is so easy to get caught up in the demands of each day with little or no time for self, finding a way to have fun such as playing on inflatables is no longer an option, but an absolute must. These and more benefits are a sure incentive to do so.

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